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30 Incredible YouTube Stats and Facts – 2020

YouTube is the second biggest website on the Internet, so we’ve highlighted 30 Best YouTube Stats and Facts. You’re probably a YouTube user too, so you should know these YouTube Stats and Facts for 2020.

The time was 2005, when three PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim first created a Video Sharing Platform on the Internet, called YouTube. Within just one year, YouTube becomes quite Popular.

After one year, in 2006, Google offered to buy YouTube for 1.65 billion Doller, and in November, Google acquired YouTube.15 years after the creation of YouTube, it’s still the second most used website on the Internet and the largest video sharing platform in the world.

2020 YouTube Stats shows that YouTube has made some significant developments this year compared to previous years, User attraction has increased, financial and marketing has increased, organic traffic and daily login users have also increased compared to the previous years.

YouTube stats and History Domain Name was Registered and Activated on 14 February 2005.

The First Video was uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005, named “Me at The Zoo“.

On October 9, 2006, it was announced that, Google could buy YouTube for 1.65 Billion US dollars, and which was completed on 13th November.

In just five years, the popularity of YouTube has grown so much that in May 2010, YouTube reaches 2 Billion views.

In 2012, the US presidential Debate was First Streamed on YouTube.

In 2013, 1 Billion monthly active users were recorded on YouTube.

In 2005, an ad hit 1 million views for the first time on YouTube, The ad was a Nike ad featuring Brazilian football star Ronaldinho.

YouTube User Stats

Globally, YouTube is in second place after Google. YouTube is currently the second most visited website and the second largest Search Engine on the Internet.

Every Month 2 Billion users log in to YouTube.

Around 30 Million visitors use YouTube every day.

With 2 Billion active users, Worldwide YouTube is the Second Largest Social Media platform.

Worldwide YouTube can be accessed from 100 countries.

Surprisingly, more than 72% of buyers acquire information about Products, Electronic Gadgets through YouTube videos.

20% – 22% of users leave the video within the first 10 seconds after start watching the video.

62% of YouTube users are Male and 38% are Female.

6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos on YouTube, instead of Televisions and other online streaming sources.

70% of viewers use mobile to watch YouTube videos

You can navigate YouTube in 80 different languages, which actually covers 95% of the total Internet population.

Currently, the most viewed video on YouTube is “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Now It has crossed 6.6billion views. ‘Despacito’ crossed 1 billion views in just 97 days.

T-Series is the most subscribed channel in the world, with over 141 Million Subscribers and 111 billion views as of June 2020. T-Series is a Hindi based music YouTube channel followed by Sony Music India and Zee Music.

YouTube Marketing Stats

YouTube is currently the largest platform for business marketing. 81% of companies use video as an online marketing tool. Which is actually 63% more than last year.

About 62% of businesses use YouTube for marketing.

In the United States, 9% of Small Businesses use YouTube.

More than 80% of online shoppers claim they have discovered new products through YouTube.

YouTube TV was officially launched on 28th February 2017. Now, there are 800,000+ subscribers on YouTube TV.

Currently YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are accessible from 29 countries. YouTube Music was launched in November 2015.

YouTube Financials Stats

The annual cost of managing and maintaining YouTube is $6,350,000,000.

Google earns an estimated $15 billion a year from YouTube.

Last year, YouTube earned around 5.5 billion Doller from the United States alone.

The channel that earns the most money from YouTube is “Daniel Middleton”, better known as DanTDM. Daniel’s average annual income is 6.5 million.

YouTube Traffic

More than 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

Incredible but true, 81% of parents in the United States use YouTube to find content for their children.

54% of YouTube users say they use YouTube every day, and I’m one of them.

More than 800+ YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.

YouTube is the Second Most Popular Website on the Internet after Google.

More than 1 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every day.

More than 75% of YouTube videos are viewed from mobile devices, and the average Mobile Session is more than 40 minutes.

About 18% to 22% of YouTube traffic comes from the United States alone.

An average of 3.30 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every month.

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