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If you want to shoot a professional Timelapse video with your smartphone, you need to use a third-party Timelapse App on your phone. Day by day Timelapse Photography is becoming more and more popular. However, shooting a great Time Lapse video requires an Expensive DSLR. Still, it’s not feasible for everyone to buy a DSLR, as the minimum price of a DSLR in India starts from $ 300.

Anyway, Mobile Cameras have been significantly improved in the last few years and this upgrade has brought huge changes to the Photography platform. As a result, the prevalence of Mobile Photography continues to grow. The biggest reason for being attracted to mobile photography is that mobiles are lighter and cheaper than any DSLR, and I think the Smartphone will perform better than any DSLR in imaginative photography.

Shoot Professional-Looking Timelapse Videos From Your Phone

The growing popularity of Mobile Photography has forced app developers to create a variety of mobile photography apps, and the Time Lapse App is one of them.

Now, most New Smartphones come with inbuilt Pro or Manual Camera Mode, Slow Motion, and Timelapse Features. Many times we use different types of filtered cameras for our needs, but always remember that your phone’s camera is your best camera app. You won’t find any better app than your system apps. Yes, but in the Play Store apps, you will find some features that may not be present in your phone’s inbuilt applications.

You’ve probably noticed that your phone’s system camera app has better picture quality than any third-party apps. So if your phone has a time-lapse video recording feature, then that app will be the best for your time-lapse video shooting.

Best Timelapse App for Android

The most significant segment of the Timelapse video shooting is Manually Adjusting the frame interval. Because the Frame interval in Timelapse video depends on your Total Recording Time and your Output Video Duration you want.

But the problem is that there is no manual option to set the frame interval, focus mode, aperture, ISO on any smartphone other than just expensive smartphones. In this case, you need to use the third party Time Lapse apps to shoot the Time Lapse video on your phone.

So let’s take a look at the 4 best time-lapse apps that allow you to shoot a professional time-lapse video on your smartphone.

4 Best Time Lapse App for Smartphone

So let’s take a look at the 5 best time-lapse apps that allow you to shoot a professional time-lapse video on your smartphone.

Framelapse Camera

Record high-quality time-lapse video clip with Framelapse app. Framelapse Allows you to shoot Timelapse videos up to 4K. Frame lapse is not a Simple camera app, Framelapse is a full-featured time-lapse camera app for shooting Pro Timelapse videos. If you are trying to make a real Time-lapse video with your smartphone, then you may download and try this app.

  • You can adjust the Frame Interval speed.
  • To stop recording automatically, you can Set video duration.
  • All Focus Modes are available.
  • This app has an Inbuilt calculator, that shows you the video recording time when you input your Frame Interval.
  • You can Record Time-lapse video with both Front and Back cameras.
  • Record up to 2160p 4K if your device supports 4k.
  • The output video is in a high-quality MP4 format.

App Size: 1.36 MB
Total Downloads: 10,00,000+
Released on: 31.March.2013


Time Lapse Camera

Time Spirit is also a unique application for creating stunning Timelapse videos. Time Lapse Camera seems more useful as compared to other paid Time Lapse apps.

The special feature of this Time Lapse app is that this app comes with photo lapse and video lapse.

Mainly photo lapse is suitable if you shoot events that are at least more than one day. If you want to make a time-lapse video of 15 days or more than one month, then you need to use photo lapse. In this case, it’s not possible to shoot a continuous time-lapse video for 30 days or more.

While using the app I noticed that it sometimes suddenly stops working.

  • Time Spirit Camera app allows you to add favorite music in the Timelapse video.
  • Time Spirit Camera app is completely free, there are no ads in the application.
  • You can record in Full HD 1080p.
  • There is no option to change the Focus modes, but the Autofocus is very good.
  • Time-Lapse recording available for both Front and Back Camera.

App Size: 34 MB
Total Downloads: 10,00,000+
Released on: 31.November.2016


Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

If your phone doesn’t support system time-lapse recording feature, and you want to shoot time-lapse videos with your phone, then Microsoft hyperlapse is suitable for you, Because the above apps are complete professional apps, and if you have never shoot any time-lapse video before, this is probably the first time you won’t be able to set the right frame interval. Frame interval in a Time lapse video is determined based on your total video recording time and output video duration.

But, Microsoft Hyperlapse is a simple video recording app, There is no need to change any settings to record video in this app, you will not find an option to adjust the frame rate and focus Modes. This app is easy for those who are shooting time lapse video for the first time. After shooting the video, Microsoft Hyperlapse allows you to adjust the video speed as you want.

  • Microsoft not only allows you to shoot Timelapse videos, but you can also import other videos from your gallery and convert them to time-lapse.
  • A special feature of this application is that you can test the speed of any recorded video from 1 to 32 x, and Which will be your choice, you will get time lapse video at that speed.
  • Microsoft hyperlapse allows you to record in Full HD 1080p videos.
  • There is no option to change the focus in the application but with the application, the autofocus mode allows you to shoot macro to continuous infinity, and the focusing system is fast enough.

App Size: 18 MB
Total Downloads: 10,00,000+
Released on: 17.July.2015


Lapse It – Time Lapse Camera

Lapse It is an awarded full Timelapse camera app. The app was quite popular even a few years ago, but now it’s popularity is slowly declining due to the inbuilt Time Lapse feature coming with the modern generation phones. This app is also a manual camera app, which means you can manually adjust the frame intervals, focus modes, and other camera settings, there is also a separate option for white balance and exposure lock during video recording.

I have used this app myself and I will not say this app is very good because firstly, the app was slow enough, secondly, in the app, you can record full HD video only when you buy the app. Only up to 480p is available on the free version. Also most features of this application you can use only in the paid version, and the fact is that the application was last updated in 2014.

App Size: 5.8 MB
Total Downloads: 10,00,000+
Released on: 22.September.2011

Download Free  Buy Now ₹ 270

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